Do your potential customers know that your restaurant exists? In this section we cover marketing basics every entrepreneur should know.


How should I market my restaurant?

Marketing is not a unit separated from the actual business operations, it has an impact on the operations and profit of the entire company. Therefore, investments in marketing are important, and the restaurant should find the correct balance between the benefits and costs of marketing. Customer knowledge and understanding the special characteristics of the sector help in targeting the marketing. 

When you establish a restaurant, you should spread the good word to all possible customers. You should forward your message through different communication channels and design and target your message correctly. Professionals help you create an image that best illustrates your restaurant and to plan the overall marketing. 

Marketing should be planned well in advance in order to spread your message already before the opening of the restaurant. If you decide to use a professional in marketing, the planning kicks off with an initial meeting with the advertising agency. During the initial meeting, the needs, schedule and resources for the marketing are surveyed and the foundation is laid for successful cooperation.