Pos system

With a good and comprehensive POS system, you can succeed as an entrepreneur and develop your business skills in an optimal manner. In this section, we have gathered different points that should be considered when choosing the POS system.

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    With a good and comprehensive POS system, you can succeed as an entrepreneur and develop your business skills. You can review any annual section of your daily operations as well as previous sales information concerning repeated seasons and reserve the correct number of goods and employees for the future peak season.


    Product information in the system enable the digital development of your restaurant: for example, an electronic menu can be integrated with the POS system. You can utilise the product information and pictures published in the menu through different terminals in your restaurant, waitresses’ tablets or cash register views.


    Regularly performed inventories improve the monitoring significantly and create the basis for the inventory management. After all, inventories are one of the largest capital-binding items, which means the the monitoring and management of inventories is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. The primary reason for not carrying out an inventory is time. However, there are currently tools that enable efficient and high-quality inventories available. You no longer need to attach post-it notes on products and spend hours entering the values into the system.

    A mobile terminal facilitates the performance of tasks and reduces entering errors, when the case can be completed with one calculation and entering session.

    There are applications that you can download to your mobile phone which can be used to make entries into the system on the markets. In this way, you do not need to make great investments in your stock management. You can make an order suggestion and inventory also with a mobile device. With mobile devices, the entries are made using the barcode or product search simultaneously with the carrying out of the goods calculation.


    Data generated by the POS system and software also facilitates and speeds up the performance of the mandatory business routines. Cash register reports offer you pre-calculated data required for your financial administration, which speeds up your daily cash register accounting.

    The POS system communicates with the accounting system, if necessary, which means that you can send the information from the cash register directly to the accounting company or prepare the invoicing through the system.


    The best solution depends on the volume of cash register events. An end terminal fixed to the cash register is the most suitable solution when there are lots of events and customers. Portable payment terminal can also be used if money rarely goes to the cash register.

    Another important factor is the pricing. Investments in devices may account for a significant part of the budget of a small company. Free service providers, on the other hand, charge a large provision on the sales, which is far from profitable in the long run.

    For event organisers, pop-up stores or seasonal stores, it is not reasonable to own the devices. It is also possible to rent payment terminals for short-term use or for a longer period: for a day, week, month or any other time. You can also rent the terminal, for example, for a weekend exhibition. You will have the end terminal available quickly, in a couple of days.