Implementing the plans

In this section, we will go over some practical matters that should be taken into account before signing the lease of the premises. Go through the checklist carefully.

Property and maintenance 2/2


    Remember before you conclude agreements

    Companies have freedom of contract. This means that the parties can primarily conclude agreements under the terms and conditions they choose.

    However, the freedom of contract is restricted by the legislation concerning the employment relationship, consumer protection and environmental protection. All agreements should be made in writing and read through carefully before signing.

    You should check the background of the contracting party in advance, for example, the credit reference and right to sign the agreement. Disputes are settled through arbitration or in a general court. The agreement text will determine how the disputes are settled, so the text should be prepared carefully.

  • [% 3.2 Go through the below check list %]

    Please note that the start of the operations is subject to several statutory matters related to permissions and notifications. Matters related to the property and maintenance are compiled and available atin the Permissions and notifications section.

    At this stage, at the latest, you must prepare the emergency and rescue plan for your restaurant. You can download a rescue plan template from here.

    You can include the risk assessment required for properties as part of your emergency and rescue plan.