Takeover of the premises

This section discusses points that must be kept in mind when looking for and choosing suitable premises for your restaurant.

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    You should keep a couple of important points in mind when choosing and looking for a suitable place for the restaurant:

    Purpose of use

    Are the premises originally designed to be used as a restaurant or should they be renovated?


    Is it possible, for example, to add more seats to the restaurant later?

    Technical report

    The technical report clarifies the suitability of the premises or property for the planned purpose of use (e.g. as a restaurant). Technical clarifications indicate the needs for change as well as the cost estimate and reveal whether it is possible at all to establish a restaurant in the premises.

    The tenant should carry out an initial review in the premises together with the lessor. The faults and defects of the premises are recorded during this review. Targets that require immediate repair and the repair schedule are also recorded. If the tenant wants to carry out repair and alteration works, they must also be agreed on, since the repair and alteration works require permission from the property owner. Connected to this, the division of repair and alteration work costs should also be agreed on.

    The review memorandum is updated and signed. Each party will receive their own copy, which must be preserved throughout the rental period until the final review.


    When the place for the business has been chosen, the draft designing may start. The design should cover, for example, the furniture and organisation of the premises.

    It might be a good idea to ask a professional to help plan the future business premises.


    The lease of the commercial premises is one of the first agreements which the new entrepreneur signs, since usually the operations are launched in leased premises. The Act on Commercial Leases is applied to the lease of the commercial premises.

    The lease can be signed for a fixed period or until further notice. The lease can consist of free text, but template forms for leases of the commercial premises are also available. By using these template forms, you can ensure that all essential matters are agreed. The lease must always be made in writing.

    For example, a lease of the commercial premises must be prepared with great care. You can find a pre-filled template, for example, here .