Permissions and notifications

Establishing a restaurant includes a lot of different paper work. Let’s put them together in order.

In this section, we will go through the different phases of establishing a restaurant.


Permissions, licences and notifications – a checklist for the restaurant owner

When establishing a restaurant, you must ensure that you have applied for all the required permissions and licences and submitted the necessary notifications. This section guides you through the complex world of permissions and licences and addresses, for example, the following issues:

First steps in establishing a company

  • Preparation works for establishing a company – how do you establish a company?
  • Choosing the name for the company – use the name service!
  • Becoming an employer – what does it take? 

Establishing a company

  • What is the VAT register?
  • Notification of food premises
  • Preparation of a self-monitoring plan
  • Safety: preparing a rescue plan
  • Tobacco, nicotine and alcohol products and related permissions and licences

    Prepayment register and permissions related to music
  • Registering in the prepayment register
  • Do you want to play background music in your restaurant? We will learn about permissions, licences and measures related to the playing of music and videos