In this section, we will go trough some general issues related to the personnel and recruitment. We help you to define your labour need.

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    First of all, you should comprehensively survey the need for workforce so that you can hire the right number of employees.


    Hiring employees is a big step for every restaurant owner. We have compiled a list to support the assessment of the need for workforce below.

    The following pages will introduce topics such as insurance, occupational healthcare and the employer register.

    • Set a realistic timetable for opening your restaurant and thus the needs of your employees.
    • How many people do you need?
    • How many hours per week?
    • Map labor costs. The side costs associated with hiring are about a quarter of the employee's gross salary. Labor costs, hiring side costs are about a quarter of the employee's gross salary.
    • What kind of shifts will there be, is there night work?
    • What tasks? Write the job descriptions.
    • What skills do the staff need?
    • Take care of your employer obligations.
    • Insurance, Occupational Health and Employers' Register.

    As an employer, you should take care of the different employee insurances pursuant to the employment relationship.

    Employment pension insurance

    The employer takes care of the employee’s insurance coverage by taking out an employment pension insurance.

    You can find more information about the Employees Pensions Act here.

    Occupational accident and occupational disease insurance

    The employer is obliged to take out an occupational accident and occupational disease insurance, when the annual amount of the paid salaries exceeds the defined lower limit. Usually group life insurance must also be taken out for the employees.

    Read more about the Workers’ Compensation Act here.

    Unemployment insurance

    The employee and the employer have an unemployment insurance obligation and they both pay their parts of it. The employer takes care of the payment.

    Read more about the Act on the Finance Unemployment Benefits here.


    Remember to register in the Finnish Tax Administration’s employer register.

    A company is deemed a regular employer if it pays salaries to at least two permanent employees or, simultaneously, to at least six employees with temporary or short-term employment relationships.

    A company is deemed an employer paying salaries occasionally if the company employs only one permanent employee or 1–5 employees whose employment relationship lasts less than one calendar year.

    If your company pays salaries regularly,

    as an employer you must register yourself in the employer register

    as a regular employer. You can submit the registration notification also online. The registration is carried out using the start-up notification or change notification.

    An employer paying salaries occasionally can also be registered in the employer register, if the company wishes to be registered.