Network and communication connections

Carefully considered IT solutions that meet the needs of the restaurant streamline the entrepreneur’s working day and boost customer service. This section introduces points related to the selection of communication connection solutions and equipment that should be considered when establishing a restaurant.

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  • NetworkAn Internet connection suitable for the restaurant’s needs as well as a carefully designed and implemented communication network create important cornerstones for the efficiency of the daily operations of the POS and payment systems.

    The building of network and communication connections starts with the mapping of the business premises and scope of the operations, which survey the following points:

    • What are the business premises like?
    • How many points of sale are needed?
    • Is a wireless network necessary in the business premises?
    • What kind of network equipment do the business premises require?
    • Are there enough power sockets/power supplies in the business premises and are they located in desired places?


    Sufficient network equipment is chosen based on careful planning. This equipment takes care of appropriate information security, network functionality and fault tolerance.

    Required equipment and matters to be considered are:

    • Firewall equipment that secures the telecommunications of the Internet network.
    • Network switch(es) that share the network between the connected network devices.
    • Smart, wireless Wi-Fi base stations can be used to implement several wireless, secure networks for different purposes (e.g. mobile payment systems, customer network, personnel network)
    • The above-mentioned network devices are placed in protected premises.
    • The equipment must be appropriately marked.

    In order to run your restaurant smoothly, you need appropriately chosen IT equipment to support your daily operations:

    • Hardware for implementing orders, email traffic and marketing.
    • Software that fulfils your needs (information security, backup, graphics and office software).
    • Printing equipment that has enough functionalities and capacity.
    • Counterfeit detectors in the proximity of cash registers accepting cash payments

    You should find a partner who chooses smart, cloud-controlled equipment for you, which also enables easy remote control in order to maximise the cost efficiency of the maintenance and monitoring of the acquired hardware.

    A separate monitoring system can also be installed on the network to secure online operations, speed up troubleshooting and even prevent problems from arising.