POS system

A good POS system enables real-time stock management, stock control, automatic balance updates and diverse reporting possibilities. Read more about the selection of the POS system below!

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    Product information

    Product information available in the system helps you to serve your customers better and provides assistance in different customer service situations.

    A comprehensive POS system solution can enable, for example, the maintenance of menu products, which means that you can utilise information about your operations quickly and easily. You have the required product information available at all the cash registers simultaneously. Furthermore, it enables centralised price management.

    Providing information about new and discontinued products to the waitresses is also possible. In this way, information distributed from one place is available for everyone.

    In an ideal situation, the system provides up-to-date information about the stock situation as well as available product alternatives or sizes. The system can list the ingredients and allergens of cafe and restaurant products as well as origins of the product starting from the grower-producer level.


    A good POS system enables real-time stock management and stock control of your restaurant.

    The stock balance comprises of three elements:

    • Free stock balance
    • Ordered goods
    • Undelivered goods

    When the stock balance of your restaurant is always up to date, it is quick and easy to do the inventory for the financial statements.


    You must order goods and ingredients several times a week. Suppliers usually offer an online store or an online ordering portal as the ordering channel where the restaurant submits the order. Due to the stock control, the order must still be manually re-recognised into the POS system in order to update the stock balance.

    There are system solutions that automatically update the stock balance of your restaurant available for this purpose. Supplier Hub is a service connected to the POS system with which the POS system automatically reads the electronic waybill sent by the goods supplier and the stock balance will be updated. Up to 4–5 working hours a week can be saved and entry errors are avoided. The waybill also takes care of the timeliness of the purchase prices, which means that the value of the stock remains correct.


    Reporting plays a crucial role in the operations monitoring and planning. However, reporting is only capable of producing information that the POS system can process and generate.

    The cash register reporting informs you of which products are selling and which are profitable products. In this way, you will receive information about which products are worth selling and at which price.

    When acquiring the POS system, ensure that the system offers you sufficiently extensive and diverse reporting features to support your business.