Interior design

The interior design of the restaurant creates the first impression and finishes the restaurant experience. This section offers information and inspiration on the planning of the interior design of your restaurant. Start creating the overall picture by answering the guiding question!

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    The interior design and decoration complete the restaurant experience!

    The interior design of the restaurant creates the first impression and attracts interest. The style and concept of the restaurant are finally wrapped up into a whole with the interior design and decoration. The restaurant premises need, in addition to furniture, curtains, lighting fixtures, wall and floor surfaces and possible terrace furniture. It might be worth asking for help from an interior design professional during the design phase.

    Serving products

    The range of serving products is extensive. There are decorations and serving dishes suitable for all styles and needs available. Depending on the situation, you can also use cold plates, food covers, food warmers and different elevations to create an interesting presentation.


    Small details are memorable, so you should pay attention to the decoration of the restaurant tables and space. Candleholders, lanterns, flower pots, wooden elevations, bowls and decoration flowers or real flowers make the space more easily accessible.

    Play with the personality of your restaurant!

    Remember to pay attention to the personality, name and brand of your restaurant when planning the interior design. You can introduce different visual marketing through your interior design, for example, with window decals. Read more about marketing here!


    We compiled a list of four tips that you can use to create a delightful atmosphere in your restaurant.

  • Separate rules related to the fire safety or durability, for example, govern the furnishing of public spaces. Limited storage spaces should be considered in furnishing as well – should, for example, the chairs be stackable?
  • Start planning early, since the delivery times may be long. Be prepared for up to 6–8 weeks of waiting time.
  • Finalise your interior design with carefully designed details, describe the interior design articles of your dreams below.
  • Remember to consider how much money you have to use for the interior design, keeping in mind the budget.